To migrate to BUX Zero you needed to ensure that you had a BUX Zero account under the same name and email address as BUX Crypto.  The migration then began on the 27th of February.

I want to migrate but my BUX Zero account is under a different email address

If you already have a BUX Zero account under a different email address to that of your BUX Crypto account we will not automatically be able to migrate your account.  You will need to reach out to support via mentioning the email address of each account and you will then be asked to provide some additional information to enable us to migrate your account.

When will my account be migrated to BUX Zero?

We began the deactivation of the BUX Crypto platform on February 27th 2023, this was also when we started migrating clients to BUX Zero. 

If your crypto assets have been migrated to BUX Zero and they are not yet visable, this could be due to you never having made an initial deposit to your BUX Zero account.  Depositing a small amount (even 1 Euro cent) should correct this issue. Alternatively please contact the BUX Zero support via the in app chat.

Update: 15th March

We plan to do one final batch of account migrations on Wednesday 22nd March 2023.  Once this has been processed the team will start the final stage of BUX Crypto deactivation.