In the coming period we will be deactivating our BUX Crypto web platform.  All BUX Crypto accounts will be closed at that point and the service will cease to exist.  

We will be confirming the exact date of deactivation in the coming weeks and before that date we will be communicating to our clients based on their individual situations, explaining what options are available. To put things into the simplest form there are 2 main options for our clients:

  • Where possible we will offer to migrate BUX Crypto accounts into BUX Zero. For this to happen there are certain criteria that will need to be met. For example, you would need to have a BUX Zero account with matching details and in a region that offers cryptocurrencies.

  • If migration is not an option, your account will be closed and we kindly ask you to withdraw any crypto or cash from your account before the decommissioning date. If there are any remaining Crypto assets on your account when we stop our service, they will be sold on your behalf and the balance will be returned to your connected bank account.