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This guide will show the steps regarding swapping BEP-20 BUX Tokens to BUX Tokens on the Avalanche network using the BUX Token Bridge. 

Step 1

Before you are able to use the Token Bridge, carefully read the disclaimer. 


Step 2

In order to access the Token Bridge, go to the following website. Here you can access the Token Bridge and swap your tokens. 


Step 3

On the top right you have the option to connect your wallet to the Token Bridge. Make sure to login to Metamask and to have your Metamask connected to the Binance Smart Chain.  


Step 4

When you have connected your wallet to the Token Bridge, you have the option to click on ‘approve’. When you click on approve, you give approval for the Token Bridge to swap your tokens. 

Step 5

The approval must be signed in the form of a transaction. You can do that in your Metamask screen. 


Step 6

After you have given approval for the Token Bridge to swap your tokens, you have the option to input the amount of tokens you want to swap.

Step 7

After putting in the amount to tokens you would like to swap, you can click on ‘transfer’. 


Step 8

After clicking on ‘transfer’ a transaction will pop up in Metamask. You would need to verify the transaction in order to complete the swap.

Step 9

After the transaction has been completed, you need to claim the tokens using the ‘claim’ button. In order to claim the tokens, you need to pay a small network fee in AVAX.


 Step 10

After you have clicked om the 'claim' button, you would need to confirm the transaction in order to claim your ERC-20 BUX Tokens. You can do this on your Metamask page. 

 Step 11

You have now successfully swapped your BEP-20 BUX Tokens for BUX Tokens on the Avalanche network! 

Note: Depending on the network, confirming transactions will have an AVAX or a BSC network fee.