Below you can find a step-by-step explanation of how to buy BUX tokens. 

  1. You can only buy or sell tokens after you've successfully completed the registration process.

  2. Deposit EUR.

  3. Currently you can only buy BUX with Bitcoin. This means you'll have to buy Bitcoin (BTC) first in order to be able to buy BUX.

  4. In order to buy Bitcoin, move to ‘Explore assets’. Here you will find a list of Crypto’s. Click on 'Bitcoin'. This will direct you to a new screen.

  5. Next to the graph, on the right side of the screen select ‘Buy BTC’. This is also the default option. Below you can also specify how many EUR you want to spend, or how many BTC you want to buy. You can also use the fixed options e.g. use 25% of your available EUR to buy Bitcoin.

  6. Click on: Confirm and buy. Your order will now be processed.

  7. Once you have BTC in your Portfolio, move to “Explore assets”. On the right side you find the option to buy BUX.

  8. Specify how many BUX you want to buy and click 'Confirm and buy'.

Congratulations! You now own BUX, which you'll be able to see in your Portfolio in the Dashboard. Remember that you'll be able to trade commission-free when you hold 1000+ BUX Tokens in your account!