Blockport is rebranded to the BUX (Crypto) brand. This includes the Blockport Token (BPT), which is renamed to BUX Token (BUX). The token will maintain its original token characteristics. This means that only the ticker (name) of the token will change and that the supply remains the same. The token will remain integrated and provide BUX Crypto users with zero-commission trading.

If you hold BPT tokens on your wallet or on the BUX Crypto platform, it automatically switches to the new BUX Token. This means that there is no action required from you to convert BPT to BUX. 

During the rebranding it can be the case that other wallet providers or exchanges haven’t completed the rebranding to BUX yet. This means that on other platforms it’s possible that the BUX Token is still named Blockport Token (BPT). Please note that both names are referring to the same token with the same contract address.