The BUX Token (BUX) is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) powered BEP-20 utility token that can be used on the BUX Crypto platform. Currently, BUX* allows you to trade cryptocurrencies commission-free. Previously, BUX was known as the Blockport Token (BPT), which was rebranded when the BUX company acquired Blockport. 

In the near future, BUX Tokens will enrich a wide range of community features so that the token offers tangible advantages on the BUX Crypto platform. Therefore, BUX has a strong use case and powers a micro-economy within the platform.

Our strategy will be geared towards building unique and exciting features that bring beginners and advanced investors together to learn from each other. The BUX Token will be an integral part of this vibrant ecosystem. 

*In order to trade commission-free, you'll need to hold at least 1000 BUX.