The Promotion starts in April:

To kick-start the launch of BUX Crypto we have a very rewarding promotion for our early users.

As per the beginning of the promotion, the first 5.000 users that start trading at BUX Crypto, will not be paying any commission and earn BUX Platform Tokens (BPT) as a reward! Users that already participated in March's soft launch will be automatically enrolled in the promotion. 

Here is how it works*:

  • The first 5.000 users unlock commission-free trading.
  • These users will also be rewarded with 300 BUX Platform Tokens (BPT).

The free BPT Tokens, that were received for the promotion, will be unlocked once you made €1000 EUR in transaction volume on the BUX Crypto platform.

When the promotion ends, you can still trade with zero-commission (100% discount) if you hold 2500 BPT on your account. 

*Terms and Conditions apply. Please note that for non-early users it costs 2500 BUX Platform Tokens (BPT) to unlock commission-free trading.